Welcome to Walt’s Idea

Walt Trandum is running for Oregon House District 51

Our politics are being used against us.

The toxic influence of private money has had a disastrous effect on our political system keeping us divided, helpless and now turning on each other.

My idea is we need to start finding, recruiting and supporting quality candidates that are willing to run for office using only money raised from contributions made by constituents to finance their campaigns. 

Once this new option of “clean money” candidates on the ballot becomes wildly available, I think people will flock to it.

Meanwhile, to get outside private money out of our politics NOW, the voters of Oregon’s new 51st District can select me (Walt Trandum) to be their next State Representative.

I pledge to only accept campaign cash from people living in our new district and I will limit cash contributions to $1000 or less per individual per election cycle.

With fascism on the rise in both major parties, we may not get many more chances to try this, so please take a look at my “Volunteer” tab and see how you can help.

If successful in breaking the grip on private money on our elected officials, it will be my privilege and honor to serve the voters of Oregon’s new District 51.  As their first state Representative, I will do my very best to represent all of the citizens of our new district

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Who can Donate to Walt?

Due to self imposed restrictions, donations for this campaign will only be accepted from registered voters that live in Oregon’s new District 51. To find out if you can donate to Walt, click here to use this new tool from Clackamas County Precinct/Elections to confirm your new district.  If it says House District 51, you are qualified to donate.  

PLEASE NOTE: Individual’s donations are not to exceed 1,000 dollars, per election cycle.

Or Mail your Check or Money Order along with your Contact and Occupational information to
Walt’s Idea
POB 752
Sandy, OR 97055